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T2: Week 4


For this week, I have provided a Daily Rhythm Workout template. (Click the orange link to download!)


Each day from Sunday to Friday, as indicated on the template, I'd like you write out a rhythm exercise with the given time signature that has no more than 6 bars, and no fewer than 4. You can use the Duple Rhythms Chart again. (Click the orange link to download!)


Once you have written your exercise, you should go through it, reciting solfa syllables (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI) for each new note, while also conducting two beats per bar (exactly as we did today).


This whole process should take 10mins maximum, per day. By Friday, less than 5mins.

At the end of the week (before Saturday morning), you must make sure that you take a picture of your completed exercise sheet, and submit it here:

To write each rhythm exercise, you can follow the same process as last week. You might find it easier not to cut the boxes out, but simply choose the bars you want to use, and write them out. It's important that you handwrite the exercises, so please print the template, or if no printer available, please copy out on to a blank piece of paper.

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